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These texts can be read on just about any electronic device. The exact same file can be read on any Android Os (phones and tablets), Pocket PC, iOS: iPhone / iPad (iSilo version only), Blackberry, Symbian (Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Psion), Smartphones, dedicated ePaper devices (The Kindle, Kindle Fire, Cybook, iRex Digital Reader, iLiad, Hanlin, etc). These books can also be read (using the Mobipocket, PDF and epub version of the text) on most any other PDA including your desktop or laptop. Additionally, there are iSilo versions for all of the Android OS platforms (smartphones and tablets). 

Question: Does the file have the ability to put in a search word?

Answer: Yes, absolutely. The index may also help. Many use the epub version with the free version of the Lithium reader on their android or their free Apple Reader on the iOS. Another good option is to use the free Calibre reader on your laptop. All have good search functions. However using the textbooks index is also a good option. 

Technical issues

iOS (Apple, Mac) users install 

How to Read EPUB and PDF Books on iPhone and iPad

Get Documents and launch the app.

Tap the purple plus button at the bottom right.

Choose from where to add the books. You can import books from the Files app, any cloud storage or even your computer.

Pick the Clinical Medicine Consult file. ...

Tap a book to start reading.

If any problems: You might need to first "share" the downloaded ebook file to the reader app....before trying to import the file from within the opened reader. Next step it to try a different reader. There are several good free readers you can use. Bluefire reader. Yomu reader. iBooks app etc.

How do I transfer EPUB files to my iPhone without iTunes?

Email is a good way to transfer EPUB to iPhone wirelessly without iTunes.

You can import your EPUB files as attachments via email, then download the EPUB attachments to your iPhone.

Open any email app and log in with your account, then send a message with the EPUB file attachment.

Here are some nice step by step instructions with images:




Follow these steps to save PDF to iPhone.

Download the file onto your phone. Find your Clinical Medicine Consult file. On your iPhone, tap the PDF to open it.

Share to save. Tap the Share button at the bottom of the screen.

Export to your smartphone. Tap Save to books or another desired app.

You can now locate your PDF on your iPhone.

Android Os / Other Users install 

How do I get EPUB on my Android phone?

Epub readers that work well: ReadEra and Lithium Epub Reader are excellent. One can also try thePocketbook, Aldiko Reader or the Universal Book Reader, Calibre (laptops).

If you have the files on your Android device, here's how you can open them a reader:

Download and install the latest version of the app.

Launch the Reader.

Click on the Bookshelf.

Select Yes when the app asks if you want to import all the ebooks. Some, like the Lithium Epub Reader do this automatically 

Other Troubleshooting

Q: Difficulty Downloading:

#1 Most download without any difficulty. At certain internet usage peak times, you may experience delays as this file is large and thus takes up a lot of bandwidth. There is no alternate site, please be patient.  Best to use your home wifi as cellular and work wifi have limits.

#2 Make sure you have enough empty space on your PDA. The file takes up about 110 mb. Most will have more than enough space as modern devices usually come with 100 gb (100,000 mb).

Q: How to Read EPUB or MobiPocket (.mobi) files on my Kindle Device?

Manually Transfer the file:  First connect your usb cord to your laptop. Note: You may have to try different cords as only certain cords work. On my device my Samsung USB-C works best, 2 other USB-C cords do not. You will know your cord works when your computer recognizes your kindle as it shows it as a connected device under "my computer".

On your Kindle, click on the settings app/icon.

1) Go to file transfer.

2) Connected devices -- Click on the USB-

3) Click on "USB Preferences" then check file transfer rather than charging. MTP device And controlled by connected device. Once this is done your computer will treat the kindle like a connected USB device. You will need to do these steps everytime you connect the kindle in the future.

All mobi files work with the kindle reader. To read epub files you need to use another reader such as the Aikido reader.

There are many other ways to add the book such as USB drive transfers and direct download. Just use your search engine to look for "getting mobi file onto a kindle" or "getting epub file onto a kindle"

Q: Problems Unzipping: 

Does the downloaded file have a ".zip" at the end? Sometimes the .zip get lost from the file during the download, just bring your cursor onto the file (select it), then add the ".zip" to the end, THEN unzip it.For links to all download sites and a free shareware version of "WINZIP" or "7-zip" decompression software.

iSilo (.pdb) Specific Issues

Getting the Text File (.pbd) on Your Device

Step #1: On your device open iSilo and all documents are closed, click on the "New" button (has a picture of truck at top).

Step #2: Click on the ellipsis (3 vertical dot button) at bottom right of the screen.

This brings up 3 buttons on the bottom (Edit - List - Tools).

Click on the "Tools", then Download, then URL buttons. It takes you to the iSilo website.

Step #3: Enter URL for update into the top box (either the URL of the webpage or the actual download itself from a R-click-copy) of the pdb version.

Goes right into your device's iSilo folder, under Recent- Ready to Use. The book is usually then filed under the "cat" (file icon).

To Change Text Size: Open the document. Go to Edit....Options....Font...choose your preferred size.

iOS Users: Detailed Install Help

Safari on your iPhone/iPad will not download any these files. You need to do the download from within iSilo on your iPhone/iPad.

Step #1: Start iSilo and in the document list view, tap the more button in the upper right (the one with the ellipsis "...").

Step #2: In the List Menu that appears, tap Download. This gives you the Download view. There, enter the URL for your download. Just touching the link may not bring you to the download page For those with ipads. .... copy and paste the link into the download url on isilo. Click any required links to get to the link for downloading and iSilo should then prompt you for where you want to save the file.

Alternative #1: download the Clinical Medicine Consult file to your home computer and then dragging the zip file into the iSilo app in iTunes with your phone hooked up to it.

Use Google Drive to get iSilo files on your Apple device.

Difficulty downloading the file? The file gets stuck before finishing and/or sends you back to URL page stopping the download.

This is not an issue with our website or the file, just the way that Apple works. This is a known issue with iOS and Apple devices and you can find many ways to resolve this online. Users of iOS may have to download onto a desktop and then transfer to their phones later. Apple doesn't make it easy for you.

Option 1: Get WeTransfer, free version can do one file up to 2G. This app helps you transfer large files on your device. If you want to handle zipped files. Get WinZip for iOS on your device. The free version works fine.

Option 2: There are a couple of applications in the App Store, which are equipped to handle zip files: iZip being one, and WinZip. Both are fairly similar in design and function and both will handle local zip files for free. But, if you want more functionality like unzipping, or plugging into your cloud folders, then you'll have to pay for the full programs. iZip Pro costs $3.99 while WinZip (Full Version) will set you back $4.99.

Android Os Users: Detailed Install Help

Option #1: Open iSilo on your device. Go to the "Tools" button (bottom left) --> Download (from menu) --> Download from (from menu) --> Choose "URL" (from menu). --> This takes you to the iSilo homepage.

--> Paste the Clinical Medicine Consult URL into the box. --> Goes to the download page of our website. --> Choose to download the file. Once it's finished downloading, select the back button. It will ask you if you "Do you want to return to the document list view?". Choose "yes" --> the new file/book should be listed. Click to open.

Option #2: All you have to do is get the Clinical Medicine Consult (CMC) book (.pdb file) onto your device (either the memory card or the main memory). Then open iSilo and browse to the location of the CMC and click on it to open.

Step #1: To install both iSilo and the CMC file to your SD card from your desktop computer (via the USB port). Connect the phone or tablet to computer by USB port, open Documents folder and drag folder with iSilo and CMC into that folder.

Step #2: Next open iSilo and then browse to the SD card to open the text. There may be other ways, but this is how I do it. You can get step by step instructions at as well.


Step #1: Hook up your phone to your PC via the USB connector.

Step #2: Once your computer recognizes the phone, it should either have a pop up (Auto play) that gives you several on "Open folder to view files". If nothing pops up, then go to "my computer" and select the removable storage drive listed for your phone (a droid phone is often listed as "removable drive G:").

Double click on the zip file to open the container, then drag to your device.

Step #3: Now drag the book onto the list of files and it should copy over.

Step #4: Good to go. Now you have to be able to open the book. Open iSilo and browse to the book file to open it.


This text is try it before you buy it. Meaning, there is a downloadable demo (see purchase page) in multiple formats and sample pages (see about this about this text page) for you to preview. Upon purchase you have access to full, non-expiring versions of all these.  There are no refunds.  We would be happy to help if you have an issue downloading this file or installing it on your device. Realize that not all version will be available on all devices. Our products come with lifetime support.