Clinical Medicine Consult 2018v5-1 Updates Expiring

Your updates are expiring in the next 45 days. Please update your subscription today

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iOS Users Install Help:

Safari on your iPhone/iPad will not download any these files. You need to do the download from within iSilo on your iPhone/iPad.

Step #1: Start iSilo and in the document list view, tap the more button in the upper right (the one with the ellipsis "...").

Step #2: In the List Menu that appears, tap Download. This gives you the Download view. There, enter the URL for your download. Click any required links to get to the link for downloading and iSilo should then prompt you for where you want to save the file.
Alternative #1: download the Clinical Medicine Consult file to your home computer and then dragging the zip file into the iSilo app in ITunes with your phone hooked up to it.

Android Os Users:

All you have to do is get the Clinical Medicine Consult (CMC) book (.pdb file) onto your device (either the memory card or the main memory). Then open iSilo and browse to the location of the CMC and click on it to open.

Step #1: To install both iSilo and the CMC file to your SD card from your desktop computer (via the USB port). Connect the phone or tablet to computer by USB port, open Documents folder and drag folder with iSilo and CMC into that folder.

Step #2: Next open iSilo and then browse to the SD card to open the text. There may be other ways, but this is how I do it. You can get step by step instructions at as well.


Step #1: Hook up your phone to your PC via the USB connector.

Step #2: Once your computer recognizes the phone, it should either have a pop up (Autoplay) that gives you several on "Open folder to view files". If nothing pops up, then go to "my computer" and select the removable storage drive listed for your phone (a droid phone is often listed as "removable drive G:").

Double click on the zip file to open the container, then drag to your device.

Step #3: Now drag the book onto the list of files and it should copy over.

Step #4: Good to go. Now you have to be able to open the book. Open iSilo and browse to the book file to open it.